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A house when constructed requires much planning and efforts. You need professional help to get your house properly constructed. However, after some time, the house demands repairs and maintenance. One such aspect of maintenance involves basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Cleveland Ohio.

Cost of fixing a foundation of any house if not paid attention to can actually damage the house beyond repairs. Thus, one needs to take complete care of the foundation of the house from time to time. There are many professionals out there who can lend you a helping hand in getting the crawl space encapsulation, foundation repairs, crawl space repairs done at an affordable price and with much proficiency. Moreover, remember, your house loses its selling capacity if the foundation of the house is not proper.

Here is an overview of the foundation repairs in a house.


Residential and commercial waterproofing becomes essential if you plan to build a basement to be used as storage or an accommodation. Most of the times, homeowners do not pay much attention to the basement and make use of inexpensive and low quality basement waterproofing products. However, this can lead to disastrous consequences for your home. A wet basement can cause many hassles for you, like damp walls, mold problem, and weakening of the house structure itself.

Thus, it is always advisable to hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor who can have a look at the basement and then review its points of problems. Moreover, the agent can also provide you effectual methods to take care of waterproofing in your home. There are different basement waterproofing methods available, such as sealants, crack injections, drainage system, and excavation. The agent can review your property and can suggest the best possible method to be adopted as per the extent of the damage caused and your budget. Always go for a written warranty of the services offered, so that you may get constant checks from the agent’s side. This would reduce the danger of any kind of problem occurring again.

Water damage can cause tremendous issues to your foundation, and that is why it is important to prevent it as best as you possibly can. Waterproofing a basement starts from the roof. The main purpose of a gutter system is to avoid water damage to the foundation. If you are in need of water proofing services, call us today for a free estimate!


Mostly, after snowfalls, we encounter flooded basements after the snow melts in Cleveland. At that time, it becomes very irritating to look for a functional Sump Pump repair. Sump pumps are marvelous when it comes to protecting your basements from flood and water damage. However, a dysfunctional sump pump could mean disasters for your house.

Mostly, a sump pump works for about 10 years and then need a change; however, with regular maintenance and repair, you can definitely increase its life. The maintenance of the sump pump requires regular checks done for its parts, such as the float, the valve, the impeller, the electrical wiring. Moreover, you need to consider two points when buying a sump pump, the amount of water its basin can hold and the speed at which the water can be pumped out.

In addition, take the services of an agent or a repair firm who can do the repair work for you and can take care of its quality.

A properly working sump pump is crucial to preventing your house from water or mold damage. Sump pumps help to eliminate excess water so you and your property can stay safe. Call us today to have a professional repair or install a sump pump at your property!


A strong foundation is key to keeping a secure home. We provide foundation repair services in Cleveland to keep your home or business solid!

Foundation issues are a big problem for many homeowners in addition to the high costs involved in the process. Foundation problems are caused by three factors, including soil loosening, soil erosion, and soil shrinkage. Remember, foundation issues can cause stability problems for your house. There are some particular signs which indicate towards a foundation problem for you. These include cracked or dislocated moldings, cracks in between the bricks, doors and windows frame separation, cracks in the floors, tiles, and foundation.

There are many contractors who can provide concrete foundation crack repair. Moreover, the contractors can also give an estimate about the time and cost involved in the process.


A crawl space is an asset for any homeowner. It can be brought into use as a storage unit and even gives easy access to many utility units. However, crawl space can even pollute the house’s indoor air. The crawl space can become a habitat for mold which can give rise to smelly air in your house. Crawl space infestations could lead to high humidity, bad smell, broken concrete, mold, insects, termites, and pests. At this time, crawl space repair is needed or it may give rise to problems, especially during the times of earthquakes. One of the most popular methods of crawl repair is crawl encapsulation. To encapsulate a Crawl space means sealing and encapsulating the dirt underneath your house. Call a local basement waterproofing contractor who can explain the process in detail and answer all your queries. This method can actually save you lots of money and time and can even rid you of the crawl repair issue. Moreover, crawl encapsulation can also lead to low energy bills, clean look, prevention from termites, and warmer winters and cool summers.


Dirt Crawl space underneath your property could be giving rise to problems, such as high humidity, wrecked concrete foundations, old, insects, no insulation, etc. Crawl space encapsulation can be termed as the fastest method to get a dry and clean property. Encapsulation means that the dirt crawl space can be actually sealed away from the rest part of the house.

Thus, call a crawl space repair firm in Cleveland quickly and get going with the repair work. Again, make sure that the firm gives you a written warranty, free repair quote, and a qualified professional consultation. Ask your agent to get an inspection done and then decide upon the correct method to be used for crawl space encapsulation. Also make sure that only patent products are used for the crawl space repair work.


Mold growth can be termed as a very serious issue and needs to be rectified soon. Remember, mold growth can lead to many health hazards for you. These include allergies, headaches, nausea, and even respiratory problems. Thus, one needs to pay proper attention towards Cleveland mold remediation. The process involves a thorough inspection of the property by the removal specialists. These specialists can tell what kind of mold it is and what is its exact location. Second step involves the extent of the mold growth. After knowing about the extent of the problem, the removal specialists then work towards neutralizing the problem. This leads to prevention of the spores that get disturbed during the removal process from spreading further in the house. Further, steps are taken to remove the spores using an air filtration system. In addition, the process of mold removal begins. Specialists make use of a solution to clean all the hard surfaces to prevent any growth of mold again. Structural foundation repairs may even be required depending upon the extent of your problem.

All the above-mentioned problems can be taken care of with the help of a professional team of repair agents who can give effective solutions to all these problems. It is advisable to look for an experienced team which can handle any kind of situation.

If left untreated mold can be a tremendous hazard to people’s health. Our company takes this seriously, and we take action to remediate mold as soon as possible. We use specialized equipment and treatments to remove mold and keep you safe. Call us today for a free estimate!



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